About the Baptists

 The Baptists are a mainstream Christian denomination, historically part of the non-conformist family of churches in the UK. We are part of the world-wide communion of  Baptist Christians.


Baptists trace their origins to small groups of believers who opted out of the state regulated Church of England at the beginning of the 1600s. They held that Christ, and not the King (or Queen), was head of the church and strongly affirmed the right of every citizen to practise their religion according to their own conscience. They spread rapidly and became well established across England and Wales during the Cromwellian period (1640-1660).


In the 1790s, William Carey, a young pastor from the East Midlands, led a small group of fellow Baptists to found one of the first English world mission movements, the Baptist Missionary Society. He himself settled in India with his wife and spent the rest of his life there, preaching the gospel, translating the Bible into local languages and setting up churches and colleges. As a result of his pioneering work and the subsequent efforts of the Society, Baptists throughout the world look to the United Kingdom as thier spiritual "home". 


Famous Baptists you may well have heard of include Thomas Cook (the founder of the travel firm), Charles Spurgeon (the great preacher), Martin Luther King (civil rights campaigner in the USA), Billy Graham  (the evangelist) and President Jimmy Carter (who now plays a major peace-maker role behind the scenes in several world conflicts).



About the Baptists
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