How we organise ourselves



We encourage those who worship regularly with us and who seek to follow Christ as his disciples to enter into membership. At present we have about 80 members.

The focus of our self-governance is the Church Meeting, to which everyone who worships is welcome, whether or not they are members. We meet once every two months. Although we do conduct “business” in these meetings (such as dealing with financial matters), we do not see our church meetings primarily as “business meetings” but rather the place where we can meet and share together - and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit seek to discern the mind of Christ for our work and witness.

A small group of elected Deacons together provide leadership for the church and also act in a legal sense as trustees of the church, which is a registered charity.

Our Minister chairs both Church Meetings and the meetings of the Deacons.

In terms of finance, we are self-sustaining. We do not receive grants from any central church or government body and rely on gifts from those who are members and those who attend worship. We seek to give a proportion of our giving to other Christian and needy causes.

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