Activities and Groups - Introduction

Many of us would say that the heart of our life as a church is to be found primarily in the web of informal relationships and friendships that develop over time. People meet together for coffee and meals, phone one another to offer support or to ask for prayer, go out on trips and even on holiday together.

As we meet together, so we form friendships which often go deep and last for many years. As newcomers get to know us, they are drawn into this network of friendship and mutual support.

It is because of this fabric of friendship and support – rich but unseen to the casual eye - that we use words like “community” and “fellowship” and even “family” to talk about our experience of being a church.

That said, we do have a regular pattern of activities and groups, and details of some of those can be found on this page. Some take place on the church premises and some elsewhere, such as in people’s homes.

Activities and Groups
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