Children and Teenagers

Hanbury Hill is a very child-friendly church!


We always have a time for the children during our Sunday morning worship

before they go off to their own activities, and we also have a regular pattern of all-age services.

Anyone bringing children to a service will sense that they are welcome and seen as a real part of the community.


During the week, a dozen or so of the adults in our fellowship give their time to our Girls' Brigade company at Peter's Hill School and our Brigade  for boys and girls which meets at the chapel. (Click on the links for details of each one). In all, we reckon that about 130 young people come to one or other of these activities each week. We think that this is a great contribution to the life our community.


For teenagers who want to explore the Christian faith and reflect on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, we have Inspire, a group which meets regularly in a home - a time to chill out and chat.


Children and Teenagers
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